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Childcare Professional


You can use Childcare Professional to keep track of your checkbook, credit cards, accounts receivable, income and expenses. You can start with a standard childcare chart of accounts and modify it to fit your facility. At the end of the year, you can print a tax report to help with your taxes.


You can setup multi-level rates, minimum & maximum fees, overtime rates and multi-child discounts. As you log the hours for the children, Childcare Professional automatically updates their billing accounts. No more manual billing.


You can keep track of mileage on any number of vehicles with Childcare Professional. A simple report lists each vehicle and the number of miles used for business.


Childcare Professional will not only help you calculate your time-space percentage, but also it will calculate the actual number of hours your business was in use from the child and employee timecards. It will also use the time-space percentage when printing financial reports.