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Childcare Professional


You can keep track of employees with Childcare Professional. Check the employees in and out to show when they were present or simply log their hours. You can even create schedules for them.


Payroll has never been so easy. A four-step wizard will guide you through calculating the payroll. Another three-step wizard will help you record paychecks. And finally, the Pay Taxes wizard will simplify paying those withheld taxes.


You can set up budgets with Childcare Professional based on past information or entirely from scratch. These budgets can then be compared to current activity to see how well you are doing. Problem areas are easily spotted.


You can set up enterprises to measure the profitability of certain aspects of your business operations. You can create enterprises for your meal services, infant services, school-age groups and more. You can print profitability reports for each enterprise to determine how well it is doing.