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Childcare Professional

Time Clock

Childcare Professional now has the ability for parents and employees to clock in and out via PIN codes. While the Time Clock is operating, parents can clock their children in and out or employees can clock in and out. Also, unless your Master PIN is entered, sensitive accounting information cannot be accessed.

Family Information

Childcare Professional keeps track of the basic parent and child information as well as schedules, rates, food program tiers, sponsors, contacts, photos and more.


You can plan your menus with Childcare Professional complete with meals that fulfill the food program requirements. You can even print a grocery list for a menu sorted for your convenience for your favorite grocery stores.


You can create an activity plan for an entire year with Childcare Professional. Each day can have any number of activities. Each activity can have supporting documentation attached to it such as step-by-step instructions or graphics.


Childcare Professional keeps a number of lists for you to make keeping childcare records easier. Some of the lists are schedules, rates, sponsors, reimbursement tiers, vaccines, ratios and more.