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Farm Professional


Transactions are entered using a checkbook-like register to keep track of not only income and expenses but also asset, liability and equity transactions. Income and Expense accounts can be categorized by on which line of the Schedule C and Schedule F it should appear. At the end of the year, a few simple reports will make your taxes much easier.


With Farm Professional, Payroll is as easy as it can be. After your employees are entered into Farm Professional along with their pay rates, you can use the Payroll Wizards to make your payroll responsibilities easier. The Calculate Payroll Wizard will do your payroll transactions in 3 Easy Steps. Within minutes, your payroll is done. The Pay Employees Wizard takes care of regular payroll checks as well as advances. The Pay Payroll Tax Wizard makes paying payroll taxes easy.

Financial Planning

Farm Professional will help you with your financial planning. You can set up multiple budgets and compare any one of them to your current financial status. You can report on your progress by month, quarter or year. You can break down your finances further by setting up Enterprises and allocating income and expenses to each one. You can see just where you are making a profit and where you aren't. You can also check out a number of Financial Ratios to see where you might need to pay attention.