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Childcare Professional


Childcare Professional organizes your childcare operation and simplifies recordkeeping. All your family and child information is entered into easy-to-use forms. Payments and expenses are entered using Checks and Deposit Slips. Menus and Activities are entered in calendar formats. Taxes are simplified with one easy report.


The number of reports in Childcare Professional has been expanded as well as the number of options available for each report. You can save the most often used settings as the defaults for a particular report or create a new report using the settings you choose.


Childcare Professional comes with an online 49 page manual explaining how to perform each function with step-by-step instructions.


Technical Support for Childcare Professional continues to be free via the internet.

Time Clock

Childcare Professional now has the ability for parents and employees to clock in and out via PIN codes. While the Time Clock is operating, parents can clock their children in and out or employees can clock in and out. Also, unless your Master PIN is entered, sensitive accounting information cannot be accessed.

Family Information

Childcare Professional keeps track of the basic parent and child information as well as schedules, rates, food program tiers, sponsors, contacts, photos and more.


You can plan your menus with Childcare Professional complete with meals that fulfill the food program requirements. You can even print a grocery list for a menu sorted for your convenience for your favorite grocery stores.


You can create an activity plan for an entire year with Childcare Professional. Each day can have any number of activities. Each activity can have supporting documentation attached to it such as step-by-step instructions or graphics.


Childcare Professional keeps a number of lists for you to make keeping childcare records easier. Some of the lists are schedules, rates, sponsors, reimbursement tiers, vaccines, ratios and more.


You can use Childcare Professional to keep track of your checkbook, credit cards, accounts receivable, income and expenses. You can start with a standard childcare chart of accounts and modify it to fit your facility. At the end of the year, you can print a tax report to help with your taxes.


You can setup multi-level rates, minimum & maximum fees, overtime rates and multi-child discounts. As you log the hours for the children, Childcare Professional automatically updates their billing accounts. No more manual billing.


You can keep track of mileage on any number of vehicles with Childcare Professional. A simple report lists each vehicle and the number of miles used for business.


Childcare Professional will not only help you calculate your time-space percentage, but also it will calculate the actual number of hours your business was in use from the child and employee timecards. It will also use the time-space percentage when printing financial reports.


You can keep track of employees with Childcare Professional. Check the employees in and out to show when they were present or simply log their hours. You can even create schedules for them.


Payroll has never been so easy. A four-step wizard will guide you through calculating the payroll. Another three-step wizard will help you record paychecks. And finally, the Pay Taxes wizard will simplify paying those withheld taxes.


You can set up budgets with Childcare Professional based on past information or entirely from scratch. These budgets can then be compared to current activity to see how well you are doing. Problem areas are easily spotted.


You can set up enterprises to measure the profitability of certain aspects of your business operations. You can create enterprises for your meal services, infant services, school-age groups and more. You can print profitability reports for each enterprise to determine how well it is doing.

System Requirements

Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP or later
90 Mhz Pentium or higher
10 MB of free hard drive space


Online manual


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